Frequently Asked Questions

In considering ATM services and Credit Card services many questions may arise. Below are some of the questions most oten asked by merchants: ...


What if I want an ATM, but don’t want to pay for it?

ATM Central does offer several placement programs with a variety of hands-on levels. Full turn key is available in select cities. To see if you qualify for an ATM placement, please submit a placement application form. Visit the form section and fill out the appropriate placement application.


How much does an ATM cost?

We have a variety machines starting at $2700 and higher depending on the machine that will be best to meet the need of any location.


Do I need a dedicated phone line?

A dedicated phone line is highly recommended for an Automatic Teller Machine. To explain, if your ATM shares a line with a telephone you may miss some transactions. If the phone is in use, your customers will be unable to use the ATM. Also, if your customer is in mid-transaction and the phone is picked up, the ATM transaction will be unable to be complete, resulting in an inconvenience for your customers and possibly costly chargebacks.


What do I do if my machine breaks?

If your machine malfunctions, simply call our 24-hour help desk. Our certified technicians can normally walk you through correcting an error. This reduces downtime, which is not only convenient for your customer, but also keeps your bottom line flowing. If the malfunction cannot be corrected over the phone, we will be glad to dispatch one of our certified technicians to your site.We also have maintenance agreements available to qualified locations. All parts and labor will be covered for only pennies on each transaction.


Where do I get supplies?

You can call us at 888-295-8611 and we will ship paper to you. Call for prices for your particular ATM.


Once I put my money in the machine, how will I get it back?

The money that your customer withdraws from the ATM is called settlement money. These funds are put back into your designated account by way of ACH on a daily basis. The process should take no more than 48-hours, but in most cases, you will have your money back within 24-hours.


If I order today, how long will it take to get my new machine?

Most machines can make it from the factory to your floor within a week. Once the machine arrives, we will dispatch one of our certified technicians to install the ATM and train you on usage. To order your machine today, please call 1-888-295-8611.


Merchant Services

What is a Merchant Account?

An ATM CENTRAL Merchant Account enables you to process credit cards, debit cards, and electronic check transactions. These are convenient payment methods for your customers.


How do I start processing?

Once you have filled out an application when approved we set you up with the most up to date point of sale terminals we have available or we can reprogram an existing system.


What type of credit cards can I accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover as well as American Express.


What is a discount rate?

This is a fee associated with collecting, assessing, approving, processing and settling your credit card transactions and is often a percentage of the transaction value. We offer all types of pricing including “interchange plus”.


When do I see my deposit?

Normal processing time for most of out merchants is next day funding.